The EPSRC-funded SHARC project: Investigating Technology Support for the Shared Curation of Local History in a Rural Community.

Description: The SHARC project builds on the School’s previous research on the co-design of the Wray Photo display with a rural village community. The display has been deployed for several years and has revealed the strong potential of situated displays (coupled with community generated content) for supporting Sense of Community. However, feedback from the community has highlighted the need for additional tools that provide both greater inclusivity and also enable the community to share and co-curate digital narratives relating to the village’s local history from a range of sources and perspectives. The central aim of the SHARC project is to co-design these tools with the community and, through longitudinal study of their deployment, to explore their adoption and appropriation by the community.

One of the Wray Displays situated in the village 'George and Dragon' pub

One of the Wray Displays situated in the village ‘George and Dragon’ pub

To-date, we have developed a framework comprising a web-based application and an android application that enables non-technical users to design, develop and share locative media experiences (such as walks that navigate defined Points of Interest and Events of Interest which themselves have associated media items) relating to the cultural heritage of their home towns. The locative media produced using the SHARC web application can be downloaded and experienced by users via the SHARC mobile application which runs on Android based smartphones.  Furthermore, users can respond to the experience through the same mobile application by submitting their own media, such as photos, audio comments, etc. The requirements and content used for driving the development of the framework have arisen from our longstanding work with the Wray village community.

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